Miss Sharp's Interview

We recently interviewed Miss Sharp and realized she's the coolest teacher ever! She's teaching her second year at Adams Middle School and she absoloutly loves her job. Her first year was fantastic. She learned a lot about being a teacher and even more about middle school kids.
She's a die hard college football fan. She attended Purdue University. She always did very well in school but she was a girl that talked a lot in class.
Miss Sharp loves to travel. The most interesting place she visited was Paris, France. She also loves to shop. She loves the ocean breeze and watches TV on her couch with all the windows open. Of course, she loves the beach! She has two Chihuahuas, Carmen and Chi. They can twirl, lay down, and sit. She has no kids except her two Chihuahuas. She's getting married in August 2009 to the love of her life.
Miss Sharp is a nice lady and we wish her the best.

Ms. Gollhardt's Interview

gollhardt.jpgWe interviewed our new teacher, Ms. Gollhardt. She teaches 8th grade algebra and algebra readiness. She went to St. Louise for K-8th grade and Bishop for high school. The three colleges she attended were Mt. SAC, Cal Poly Pomona, and Chapman. She was always very involved in school as a teenager. She was a 4 year starter on the volleyball team.
She told us some interesting facts about herself. She loves being outdoors. She scuba dives, snorkles, rides her bike, goes to the gym, and she loves to shop. Ms. Gollhardt also loves the beach.
She has a Weimaraner dog. We saw a picture of him he was very cute. She isn't married and has no kids. By the way, we're guessing no kids anytime soon!
When we asked her she if she liked Adams so far, she wasn't hesitant, and said “Yes! I love it!” She loves to travel. Ms. Golldhardt has been to almost every state in the US except for Alaska.
Ms. Gollhardt is a very nice person and it was an honor to interview her.
-Korina Guerrero and Makenna Ivy

mrsheehey.jpgMr. Sheehey's Interview

We recently interviewed Mr. Sheehey who teaches in the Tech. Lab. He grew up in this area. He went to Beryl Elementary, Hillcrest “Parras” Middle School, and Redondo High (RUHS). He attended at least four city colleges. He then earned his BA degree at CSLUB. When he was a kid he was a class clown because he loves to make people laugh.
He likes nature. He has 2 Indian Stick bugs and 250 Indian Stick bug eggs. He also has a tomato horn worm and butterflies. He likes to go camping with his family at least twice a month and he loves to fish.
He is happily married with two kids. A 12 year old daughter named Madyson Cookie Sheehey. They like to call her Cookie. He also has a son named Parker. He's 7 years old.
He is a total beach person. He's in the ocean about twice a week. He loves to surf and go freediving. His family also camps at the beach twice a month. The farthest his family ever goes is about an hour and a half away from here. Mr. Sheehey is a very nice guy and it was a pleasure to interview him.
-Makenna Ivy and Korina Guerrero